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Low Force

Directional Non-Force Technique was developed by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt D.C. in 1922. The basic priciple of D. N. F. T. is that innate body wisdom can be contacted by thought projection to make a chiropractic analysis. It is also the postulate of D.N.F.T. that this innate body wisdom can be used to accomplish the removal of nerve interference. The term 'Innate' is defined as life, inborn intelligence, energy, vibration, nerve-force, life force, love, mental energy, mind power, and the power and wisdom within. D.N.F.T. uses a leg reflex to analyze the entire body for evidence of nerve interference and how to remove mechanical interference.

In addition, D.N.F.T. works to remove spinal interferences; and make adjustments to soft tissues, cranials, jaw, clavicles, arms, legs, feet, ribs, shoulders, pulses, tonsils, eyes, and all other articulations of the body that can be reached. Regarding the adjustment, the doctor applies a very mild energy (thumb toggle thrust) in a corrective direction.